Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art

About The Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art

The Dershowitz Center provides free studio and exhibition space in the heart of Brooklyn within a community of educated artists creating pro-Israel work and events alongside their own projects.

Artists in Residency at The Dershowitz Center engage in political art, a form of active, social discourse that attaches significant cultural and ideology constructs to their work.

Founded by Artists 4 Israel and named after its President, Craig Dershowitz, the unapologetic goal of the center is to engage Israel's enemies in the cultural war currently being waged against this sovereign nation. The Dershowitz Center believes that all artists should support Israel as Israel supports the rights and freedoms of artists, even as her neighbors punish, repress or manipulate the arts and expression. 

Artists 4 Israel know that there are many Pro-Israel artists in every medium that have been quiet in the debate, not knowing how to use their unique talents in this context. Further, Artists 4 Israel know that there are many artists who are open-minded and willing to learn and whose work would reflect their growing knowledge. We seek them all and offer this center as an opportunity for their artistic, cultural and educational growth.

In exchange for focusing attention on this important matter, The Dershowitz Center provides a beautiful space within a dynamic section of Brooklyn with a large community of both industrial and artistic partners.

220 36th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

About Artists 4 Israel

Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in on-going, collaborative projects expressing Israel's right to exist in peace and security. We educate artists about Israel's beauties, strengths, freedoms and protection and support of the arts, then assist them in using their unique talents to create work and projects that express those same messages to their communities. We are the only organization fighting the culture war against Israel.

About Industry City

Bounded by 2nd and 3rd Aves., and 32nd and 39th Sts. in Sunset Park, Industry City is a six-million-square-foot swath of industrial buildings within the 24-acre Bush Terminal, built in the early 1900s when the borough’s waterfront was a bustling port and trading center. Now owned by Industry City Associates, the complex bears traces of the past — like rail tracks for trains that used to service the terminal — and industrial businesses that employ thousands of people casting the complex as a space that blends Brooklyn's industrial past with its rising creative class, with space for artists to work alongside industrial tenants.

"The idea is to establish new paradigms for industrial redevelopments, models that don’t displace existing communities but rather incorporate cultural and industrial production side by side.”