Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art
Artists will receive: 

1.     Free studio space. 

2.      Free gallery space for the display of their work.

3.     Access to the rest of the artists in the Dershowitz Center Artist in Residency Program, as well as in Industry City.

4.     Access to the industrial partners in Industry City.

5.     Educational materials related to Israel.

6.     Dershowitz Center mailing list and promotional support for all events.

7.     Master Classes with visiting artists.

8.     Access to rooftops, waterway, train tracks and industrial sites for display of their work

9.     Free admission to all other Dershowitz Center events.

10.   Opportunity for a free trip to Israel after successful completion of one full year in the residency.

In exchange for:

1.     Work in the studio space a minimum of 15 hours a week.

2.     Create a certain amount of pro-Israel art work as determined in one-on-one interview before acceptance. 

3.     Create a program in the gallery space at least once every two to three months that promotes a positive image of Israel.

4.     Attend every required lecture as well as provide every required support work.

5.     Host open studios for review by Dershowitz Center representative once a week.