Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Israel?

As artists, we are concerned with freedom of expression and a country’s commitment to the arts. Israel is a sovereign nation that provides equal protections, rights and freedoms for all its citizens. It has a long and proud history of cultivating and supporting the arts without censorship. Particularly in comparison to her neighbors and considering her precarious position in the world, the above points are even more deserving of respect. For Israel’s protection and support of the arts, we support Israel.

Further, Israel is a controversial and popular topic. Unfortunately, for reasons we cannot comprehend, both sides in the debate about Israel’s role in the Middle East, have not been accurately covered through artistic dialogue. We are asking our artists to correct this imbalance by providing important and radical interpretations. We believe that discussion through the arts trumps war.

Why Political Art?

Politics anger, elate and inspire. It is powerful, raw and emotional. It is more permanent than love and far more important. It has all the traditional elements to inspire classic art but all the modern influences to create adventurous work. And, it has created so much great work.

Art has always been used to communicate social and/or political messages. From graffiti in Ancient Greece that spoke against government policies through Picasso’s Guernica to Wyclef Jean’s current run for President of Haiti, art has used its emotive and intense power to express viewpoints and achieve political objectives. Artists have crossed all ideological divides and many schools and movements have coalesced around theoretical belief systems inspired, if not outright motivated, by political beliefs.

Artists in which mediums may apply for this residency?

This residency is open to artists in all mediums.

Is this residency open to artists of all (or no) religions?

Yes, it is. The Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art has no religious affiliation.

Is there any political affiliation associated with this residency?

No, there is not. The Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art has no religious or political affiliation.

What does pro-Israel mean?

Any artist participating in the Dershowitz Center artist in residency program must state that they support Israel’s right to exist in peace and safety. Each specific project, event or individual work created for the sake of being pro-Israel will be reviewed by The Dershowitz Center’s operating board to determine if it expresses a pro-Israel message.

Is this residency against other religions or political beliefs?

No. The Dershowitz Center is not against any religious or political movement, as long as it expresses itself without violence or oppression of others.

Who chooses the selected artists?

The Dershowitz Center’s Operating Board makes all decisions on residency candidates. You can learn more about the Operating Board on our website.

What is the current perception of Israel in the art world?

The viewpoints of individual artists are as unique and varied as the artists themselves. However, due to a conspiracy of media focus and an organized attempt by the enemies of Israel to promote an anti-Israel agenda, there appears to be an anti-Israel sentiment in the art world. Artists 4 Israel has found this sentiment to be unrepresentative of the entire art world and have created The Dershowitz Center to correct this imbalance. 

Is this a lobbying organization?

The Dershowitz Center is not a lobbying organization. We do hope, however, that our art will influence people’s opinions.

Is this a Jewish organization?

No. The Dershowitz Center has no religious affiliations.

Are you affiliated with either the Israeli or American government?

No, we are not.

Does all my work have to be pro-Israel

No. All artists in the residency program must produce a certain amount of pro-Israel art work and host a certain amount of pro-Israel events, as outlined in the rights and obligations list. The rest of the time, artists may produce any work they wish as long as it does not actively or directly violate the terms of supporting Israel’s right to exist in peace and safety.

Are you creating propaganda?

Artists 4 Israel wholeheartedly stands for the motto "Art, Not Propaganda." All the work of artists in this residency program must be based on accurate and factual information.