Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art

Yona Verwer

Dutch-born Yona Verwer's "Kabbala of Bling" painting series comments on the appropriation of Kabbala by pop icons. “City Charms”, amulet images for American landmarks on the terror watch list, addresses and counters the continuing sense of insecurity caused by terrorism. Her current "Temple Talismans" series feature “protection amulets” for synagogues.  

Besides solo shows in The Netherlands and New York, her work has also been shown at the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore, the Andy Warhol Factory, the Bronx Museum, NY, and the Center for Jewish History in New York. Upcoming exhibits include the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, and the Mizel Museum.

Her mural work include large-scale installations at the S.A.R. High School in Riverdale, NY, and at the Center for Jewish Discovery in NYC. 

Her work has been featured in the NY Times, the New Yorker, the Daily News, Zeek, the Forward, the NY Jewish Week and the Jewish Press. She has a Masters Degree from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. 

Verwer is the Co-Founder and President of  the Jewish Art Salon.

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